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Maybe not much from the point of view of queues, but this may make quite a
difference from the point of view of monitoring your call-center. 🙂

2011/3/21 satish patel

> Hey Guys,
> I knew this is stupid question but i just want to know what is the
> difference between Queue member logged out vs Pause ?
> -Satish
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  • That’s exactly what I was gonna point out. Technically they provide the same
    response but for call center metrics, the difference is huge.

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  • Not just statistics. The one thing I can think of that will affect
    wether the agent is paused or logged off is the joinempty and
    leavewhenempty options in queues.conf. The behavior is different if you
    use yes or strict. Read que example queues.conf to know how it affects