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    Sent: Monday, March 21, 2011 8:06 PM

    Hello List,

    I have few installations out there based on 1.6.1 or above.

    I’m trying to play different voice mail messages based on certain
    criteria’s. For example, I want during office hours to play (in short): “we
    are not available to take your call, please leave a message”, during
    off-hours and weekends I would play: “we are closed, our opening hours
    xx:xx-yy:yy, please leave a message or send a fax or send an email” and
    during holidays I would play: “we are closed due to holiday, please leave a
    message, fax, blab la” etc.

    I’ve tried to configure context for each case and set the directoryintro in
    each such context however the Asterisk was always looking for vm-intro and
    it was always looking for it in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/.

    Is it possible to select different vm message based on certain conditions?

    I know I can play file with Playback() and then play empty vm-intro and I
    can also mess around with renaming files using System() however I was hoping
    there is a straight forward way rather than work-around.

    Thank you.


    As you are aware, the default behaviour of the Voicemail application is that
    you are either (s) silent with/without playback for custom message (b) play
    busy message or (u) unavailable. My “clean workaround” for you would be to
    set up 3 mailboxes. Box 1 would be your “normal business hours” mailbox.
    Box 2 would be “after hours” and box 3 “holidays”. Then you just use normal
    time functions to set which mailbox you hit and voila, you have 6 sets of
    messages. You could set up forwarding on boxes 2 and 3 to dump back to box
    1 so you get your 6 message and 1 box.