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I have couple of questions regarding Asterisk.

a) Does it has Automated Dialing Feature like dialing 1000 and 1000 of phone
b) Does it Support VoiceXML ?
c) What PRI Card is recommended for using Asterisk ?



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  • Kaushal Shriyan wrote:
    And if you try and make it dial that way, your gonads will wither away
    and fall off

  • Is it legal to use Asterisk in India?
    We are planning to use Asterisk for Fax server and auto attendant.


  • NO SIP / IAX Trunking allowed on IP.

    Apart from that everything is legitimate.

    We do provide Hosted Asterisk connected with PRI circuits, do contact off-line for more info.

    Regards, Mitul Limbani, Chief Architech & Founder, Enterux Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    110 Reena Complex, Opp. Nathani Steel, Vidyavihar (W), Mumbai – 400 086. India
    email: DID: +91-22-61447605
    Cell: +91-9820332422

  • Hi All,

    Is it possible to register a sip client to openims and subscribe DND to asterisk? Here asterisk is used as AS for openims? Assist please.

    thanks, Isshed.

  • What I get on asterisk is the following line.

    Failed to authenticate user “7200000001”

  • Creating new subscription Sending to (no NAT)
    Found peer ‘7200000001’ for ‘7200000001’ from
    Looking for 7200000001 in default (domain open-ims.test)
    < --- Transmitting (no NAT) to --->
    SIP/2.0 404 Not Found

    These are the errors I am getting on asterisk.