Answering machine detection for a second leg call generated by a call file.

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you could use AMD app
( and
connect the two calls or not according to the result of AMD. But:
1) results can be more or less accurate depending on the settings and
the goodness of the parameters can depend also on the callee country
(some languages have greetings longer then others for example)
2) there will be a more or less long silence time (depending on the
totalAnalysisTime parameter), before the two legs are connected. This
is a problem for some Call Center. I read once on the list about
someone working on an AMD version which allows to have the bridged
audio during the analysis period, but I don’t know more (I’m talking
about version 1.4.x).



2011/3/17 Asterisk Man :
> Hi Group,
> I have following case scenario.
> Through call file, Asterisk makes a call to  SIP extension. When Extension
> answers the call, Asterisk reads customer numbers (set in callfile) and
> calls them one by one untill one of the customers answeres the call. Here
> customer and SIP extension gets patched and talk to each other.
> Now if outgoing call is answered by Answering machine,I don’t want asterisk
> to patch it up with SIP extension. Please suggest me how this can be
> achieved.
> Thanking you in advance.
> –AM
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