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Greetings Users!

On March 24th we’re hosting the first of a new series of webinars entitled “Asterisk Tech-Tips”. Our goal is to present a new “episode” or “issue” or “webisode” (or whatever you want to call it) every other week. Here’s the idea:

Asterisk Tech-Tips are all about helping people get the most from their Asterisk systems. Each webinar will start out with a tutorial covering some bit of Asterisk-fu in-depth. Our first topic is Calling with Google. Our first presenter is the internationally famous Asterisk guru Malcolm Davenport, Sr. Product Manger for Asterisk at Digium. Malcolm will take you through the process of setting up Asterisk to take advantage of Google Voice and Google Chat. When he’s done, you’ll know how to make and receive calls from Google users and how to make free US calls using Google Voice and Asterisk.

Once we’re done with the tutorial we’ll open up the floor for general questions and answers. You’re welcome to ask about the tutorial topic, but feel free to ask about any Asterisk-related subject. We hope to turn this into a dialog that helps people discover all the amazing things you can do with Asterisk.

You can register now for the event:

I hope to see you there!



Steve Sokol
Asterisk Marketing Director
Digium, Inc.

PS. If you would like to suggest a Tech-Tips topic or would like to present a tutorial, please let me know. We’re always looking for cool new things you can do with Asterisk.