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is there a way to have asterisk to flash transfer the call and not being in
sip path anymore?
for example, a sip trunk send a call to asterisk, asterisk rings a handset,
then sends/flash hooks the call to a cell phone through sip trunk, and not
being in path anymore?

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  • Doesnt reinvite still keeps asterisk in SIP path?
    lt looks like all it does is making both peers send rtp to each other.

    what i’m trying to do is, a sip peer sends invite to asterisk, asterisk
    calls another phone and in case of no answer, “tells peer” to send this call
    to another number outside and get off completly,
    why i’m trying to do this, first i have limited number of calls i can put on
    the incoming peer, with this i can tell the peer to call someone else and
    not using my trunk limited number of calls, also final destination number
    will see the original caller id instead of overwritten caller id of
    hope it makes sense

  • In the old days that pre-dated SIP this was called “take back and transfer”. You want the telecom company to take the call and transfer it somewhere at their level freeing up your lines. Carriers like AT&T still offer it. If enabled on your lines *8 I think initiates the transfer and you control the destination with more DTMF. Not sure if REINVITE superceeds this in the SIP world or not.