How do you handle queues with AMI?

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Thanks Danny! I took a look at the CDR data through AMI but it only throws an event when the call is hung up. About the Unique ID… it looks like it stays the same through the bridge. I’ve pasted the AMI output from a queue call below. The only part that changes is the decimal increments.

Event: NewAccountCode
Privilege: call,all
Channel: SIP/Lync-0000000c
Uniqueid: 1299861572.25

Event: Bridge
Privilege: call,all
Bridgestate: Link
Bridgetype: core
Channel1: Local/1173@from-queue-ba2a;2
Channel2: SIP/Lync-0000000c
Uniqueid1: 1299861572.24
Uniqueid2: 1299861572.25
CallerID1: 1424
CallerID2: 1173

Event: Unlink
Privilege: call,all
Channel1: SIP/1424-0000000b
Channel2: Local/1173@from-queue-ba2a;1
Uniqueid1: 1299861572.22
Uniqueid2: 1299861572.23
CallerID1: 1424

Event: VarSet
Privilege: dialplan,all
Channel: Local/1173@from-queue-ba2a;2
Value: SIP/Lync-0000000c
Uniqueid: 1299861572.24