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I am setting up VM off Metaswitch due to a problem with Metaswitch VM. I have a couple days to prove this works and I need a little assist please.

I am using TRIXBOX and have the Meta SIP trunk up. I have extensions built that can talk to each other. I took a trace on the TRIXBOX that shows when I dial my test phone on Metaswitch it goes to VM after a couple rings and the call goes to my TRIXBOX and asterisk plays a RTP message saying that the number cannot be contacted.

I don’t understand how the TN on Metaswitch translates to the TRIXBOX VM account.

Can I please get a response on or off forum for some assistance in what I am doing wrong or if there is a good post or website with a guide on this config..

I have looked at several online over that last couple of weeks and they are dated and not running TRIXBOX, so trying to conform what I am reading to my config is confusing.

Thanks in advance.


Chris Ledford
Comptia A+/Net+/Linux+/Sec+
T3 Engineer

One thought on - Metaswitch to Asterisk problems

  • Make sure you get some DNIS, on the meta you might have to play around
    to get it, it might come in in the form of some sip headers or as
    asterisk expects it as an extension. In any event, once asterisk knows
    which extension (DID) it belongs to just send it to VM.

    On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 10:02 AM, Chris Ledford