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Asterisk doesn’t have all features of SBC like relay and forward request on
packet level but all depends on your scenario what you need.

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Hi All,

I have starting to reading About SBC and found one artical reagding SBC and
they gives a solutions like this.

i want to know is this true in realtime sceanario while we think of an big
implementation and is it possible with cloud computing.

i have found from

Asterisk as a Session Border Controller
Equip the Asterisk server with two ethernet ports, connect one to the
Internet and the other to your internal network; set up the firewall,
configure the dial plans and you’ve got everything you need for a fully
functional Session Border Controller.

* IP phones can register with the SBC either from the internal network
or from the Internet.
* Use your SBC as an Inbound and/or Outbound proxy to have complete
control over incoming and outbound calls
* Use it to control access to your IPBX and to overcome the usual
problems associated with interfacing VoIP between your private network and
the Internet
* Solve one-way audio and other notoriously difficult and annoying NAT
traversal problems while, at the same time, improving your systems security