Is H323 supported when installing Asterisk from Digium Yum repository?

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Hi everyone,

Installed asterisk from yum repository but I think H.323 is not supported as
I tried commands like this and they don’t work:

– *h.323 debug*: Enable chan_h323 debug
– *h.323 gk cycle*: Manually re-register with the Gatekeper
– *h.323 hangup*: Manually try to hang up a call
– *h.323 no debug*: Disable chan_h323 debug
– *h.323 no trace*: Disable H.323 Stack Tracing
– *h.323 show codecs*: Show enabled codecs
– *h.323 show tokens*: Manually try to hang up a call
– *h.323 trace*: Enable H.323 Stack Tracing

Of course I can’t go to source since I am using the repository. How can I
install H.323. Is that OH323 I should look for?


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  • Bruce B wrote:


    a. About the first question:
    As Danny N. said on his response, H.323 is not available on yum, you
    would have to do it from source.

    b. About OH323 and H.323:
    You could try OH323, but personally (from past experiences) I would go
    with H.323.

    Several weeks ago I posted some SlackBuilds (Script for making slackware
    binary packages) of Asterisk to the list. You could download the scripts
    and pickup some tips in order to compile the latest version of H323plus
    (new name for H.323 project).

    IMO, H323plus project team has made a great job working on H.323

    The scripts are located at:

    If you run into any difficulties about any detail on the scripts, you
    are free to contact me off-list (of course, for free. No charge, not
    fee, etc)

  • Alternatively, you can use OOH323 which is available with yum.

    I am using it for couple years with no major problems. Developer is
    very responsive. Just finished 1.8 related adjustments to OOH323,
    should be available in 1.8.4.


  • But even with *asterisk16-addons-ooh323.x86_64* I don’t see any of the
    command for h323 in CLI to work. So, I am missing something still.

  • Thanks for that Vladimir,

    Despite being installed it doesn’t seem to be recognized by asterisk:

    *server55667*CLI> reload set show*
    *No such module ‘set’*
    *No such module ‘show’*

    *server55667*CLI> reload set show ooh323*
    *No such module ‘set’*
    *No such module ‘show’*
    *No such module ‘ooh323’*

    *server55667*CLI> ooh323*
    *No such command ‘ooh323’ (type ‘core show help ooh323’ for other possible

    *server55667*CLI> core show channeltypes*
    *Type Description Devicestate
    Indications Transfer *
    *———- ———– ———–

  • Quickly browsing the Asterisk SRPMs in the Digium yum repository I do
    not see a H.323 package. You could have easily done this yourself:

    What are you trying to accomplish here? “reload set show*” is not a
    valid command. “reload” is a separate command so use “reload“.
    “set show” is also not a valid combination. It’s either “set” or “show
    (possibly prepended with “core ” depending on the Asterisk version you use).

    Same again. Do you have any experience with Asterisk? You may want to
    first read an Asterisk book or just hire an experienced Consultant to
    setup your Asterisk box with H.323.

    If you use Asterisk version 1.8 have a look here:


  • Patric,

    Sounds you have limited knowledge of the Asterisk RPMs or maybe never used.
    Indeed ooh323 is available as part of the RPMs and the correct URL is:

    For the commands, I was following the previous post which presented those
    command and yes I do know they are invalid commands like the output says.

    Installing h323 from source is not an issue for me. My post is very specific
    and related to RPMs. I would like to hear from those who installed using RPM
    or from people at digium responsible for the repos to let us know if ooh323
    is supposed to work out of the box by doing “yum install
    asterisk16-addons-ooh323″ or not?


    On Sun, Mar 13, 2011 at 11:44 AM, Patrick Lists <> wrote:

  • You are right. I stand corrected.

    I think the answer is no because iirc the module uses a config file
    which needs to be edited to suit your needs before you load the module.
    But you can find out easily by loading the module manually while keeping
    an eye on the output in the console.


  • Thanks for the input.

    I can see the module loaded but yet the command “core show channel types”
    doesn’t show H323 in channel list. Maybe ooh323 is not supposed to show in
    that list?

    server55667*CLI> module show like 323
    Module Description Use
    Count Objective Systems H323 Channel 0

    1 modules loaded


    On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 9:40 AM, Patrick Lists <> wrote: