TDM410P & dahdi driver == no lights?

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On 03/07/2011 08:22 PM, Brian Henning wrote:
> I have just installed an Asterisk server with a Digium TDM410P card with 3
> FXO modules (no module in the 4th slot).
> It’s lived on two different machines (a test machine, which had Linux kernel
> 2.6.28, and a new dedicated machine which has Linux kernel 2.6.32).
> On the test machine (2.6.28), I used the Zaptel drivers. Once the kernel
> modules were loaded, the lights on the TDM410P came on green for the
> installed FXO modules.
> On the new server, the Zaptel drivers wouldn’t build so I switched over to
> dahdi. Everything seems to be working, EXCEPT there are no lights on the
> TDM410P! I guess I can ignore that the lights aren’t lit up, because it
> seems to be functioning as expected (I can dial out and receive incoming
> calls)…but it’s disconcerting that the lights aren’t on. Yes, the Molex
> power connector is connected (although I think that’s only needed by FXS
> modules).
> I’ve tried google searches but haven’t found anything mentioning this odd
> behavior. Is this expected?


I haven’t run it, but looking through the code this appears to be a
regression I added in 2.4.1 / current trunk (introduced in r9720 [1]).
I’ve opened issue 18939 and attached some patches if you want to try
them. That way I can add your reported by / tested-by information if
you would like.