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I’m using iaxagent on a Droid X to connect by IAX to 1.8.3 at the
office. 1.8.3 has sip phones. The audio is fine on the Droid X side. On
the office side, they hear an echo of _their_ speech, not mine.

The office uses sip-providers generally without any echo problem.

Where do I start to figure this out? How do I narrow it down? Can I
figure out if it is an iaxagent problem? Could using jitterbuffer cause

Thanks for any help.


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  • Yup. Turning down the volume on the call reduces the echo. Of course,
    now I can barely hear the office!

    I can keep the volume up on standard calls from the Droid X, which
    suggests that Android has some echo cancelling on phone calls.

    I’ll try to see if the developer of iaxagent can do anything.

    BTW, if you haven’t, try iaxagent on your phone. It’s a very clever use
    of the iax protocol and leverages iax’s strengths. iax makes a lot of
    sense on mobiles, dealing with the NAT issues from inconsistent access
    points easily.

    Thanks for the help.


  • Anyone know how iaxagent is accessing the speaker/mic ?
    In theory the phone should have echo cancellation built-in, but it may only be enabled in
    certain cases.


    Tim Panton – Web/VoIP consultant and implementor

  • We tried an Android SIP client last week and it had *huge* “echo”
    issues. The Android client operated by a colleague sitting next to me
    calling a normal SIP phone which I answered. When I started talking I
    heard myself twice. First the soft direct echo trough the air and then a
    really loud, very good quality second echo.

    Muting the microphone on the Android side did not solve the really loud
    second echo which suggests to me there might be something of a loop in
    the operating system looping the audio back.

    The phone is a Sony Ericsson Experia model, no idea what the exact type is.

  • I get no acoustic echo from the Droid X when I make a standard cell
    call, even at full volume. Nor is the blogosphere full of complaints
    about echos on Droid X. It’s also physically one of the largest, if
    not the largest, cell phone.

    This may mean that the call function in android has really good echo cancelling.