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Hi every one,
I am doing some experiments on asterisk server
performance…… How can we know server performance? can any one explain me
I have 2 doubts regarding the asterisk server performance…

1. When can we know asterisk server performance?
1. when server is in idle state ?

2. when the server is in busy state?

can any one please tell me when can the server performance is known i mean
when server is busy or in idle state?????????

Best Regards,

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  • Hi,
    I mean when the cpu history is in idel and in busy state…

    i have one more doubt that we are doing experiments on server
    performance(only on software) it does not depends on hardware or even on

    knowing the server performance only the software side includes any cpu
    history like when the server is busy or idle….


    On Fri, Mar 4, 2011 at 6:25 PM, viswavardhanreddy karna <> wrote:

  • Hi,

    We have worked out another approach for load testing:

    server playing and receiving back pre-defined audio
    – generate +1 test call, which also plays and receives back an audio file

    Then we test the audio we received from the +1 test call using AQuA (Audio
    Quality Analyzer) and obtain a MOS score (AQuA is doing perceptual audio
    quality assessment, it’s not calculating MOS as in G.107, but more likely in
    P.862, although the algorithms are absolutely different).

    In this way we can always know how many calls can the PBX under test handle
    before actual call quality goes down. The whole test suit is put together
    with other testing (loop back call testing, conference bridge testing)
    capabilities into what we call Asterisk VQM. If my previous message goes
    through moderation you will be able to see screenshots as well 🙂

    Best Regards,
    Sevana Oy