3 thoughts on - mySQL connection testing

  • I’m just suggesting that maybe you are ‘swimming upstream’ trying to use
    MySQL within the dialplan.

    Much the same as if you were proposing an office system using a ‘tin cans
    and string’ mesh with carrier pigeons for out of band call signaling and
    having a problem with poop buildup on the endpoints — I might propose
    using Asterisk 🙂

  • Thanks Tilghman – this is exactly what I wanted to hear. As for the
    ‘inclusion’ bit – true, but it’s still infused in to the addons package
    at the Digium end (isn’t it?).

    Anyway, I’ll go create a mysql.conf file now 🙂


  • While Digium hosts the repository and the project head (Russell) is a
    Digium employee, what winds up in the repository is largely up to the
    Asterisk community, including many non-Digium developers with commit
    access. While Digium does contribute a great deal to the releases,
    suggesting that Digium is responsible for everything that ends up in a
    release is reductionist and diminutive of the many contributions made by
    the community.