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Badoo Algeria

Hi, my name is Natasha Ramanenko. I’m a 22 year-old Algerian female (from russian parents), and I live in Algiers, Algeria. Enjoy my profile and pictures.

Huawei K3765 + Internet + SMS + Telephone

Hello *,

I have an All-In-One intranet server and usualy a seperated
as default gateway, which connect me using HSPA to the internet

Now I have installed an Huawai K3765 on my , installed “pppd” +
usb-modeswitch and removed the default gateway to .

OK I can continue surfing trough the and is now using
the Huawai as gateway to fetch mails and send mails.

Also I have installed “sms-tools” which I use in combination with my
installed “courier-imap” server to send and receive SMS trough a Siemens
MC55… but this I like to drop now in favour of the Huawai Stick.

And at last I have installed “asterik” which allow me to do phone calls
using an IP-Phone connected to my switch of “kphone” on my workstation,

Now the problems with the Huawai USB-Stick:

Since HSPA is working and I get an internet connection, I am wondering,
how I can get the SMS and telephone part running, exspecialy the Huawai
USB-Stick is designed for parallel use of UMTS/HSPA and SMS/Voice

Can someone help me please?

Note: I am in Germany and use O2/Telefonica Prepaid SIM cards.

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
Michelle Konzack

Transfer feature dialing out after one digit

Because some users have requested transfer beep confirmations I’ve
switched our phones over to using the asterisk transfer feature instead
of the built in transfer functions of the phones. While testing it was
working fine, but I changed something in features.conf and suddenly any
time I hit transfer (*2), I can only enter one digit before asterisk
immediately tries to dial that extension.

Features.conf is extremely barebones so I’m not sure where any problems
would come up:

transferdigittimeout => 3
xfersound = beep

blindxfer => #
atxfer => *2

Tried change transferdigittimeout to something insanely long like 100,
but still the same thing. I even fully restarted asterisk (just in case
it was some weird fluke that crept in).

This is Someone else posted something extremely similar,
though it’s in version



CDR MYSQL missing field data

Good Morning,

I agree I commented the lines and now everything works.

Thanks for your quick work.


TDM800P not detecting answer fast enough

Hi All,

I have a server running Fedora 14, kernel, Asterisk and Dahdi 2.4.1.

I have the wctdm24xxp+ loaded with a Wildcard TDM800P with 8 FXO ports

When a call is placed extension to extension, there is no
problem… When an extension is used to dial out, the called number
answers, but the server only detects the answer about 3 seconds later ..

The outgoing line is TDM on port 2 of the TDM800P.

The same hardware was running Asterisk 1.4 recently and we didn’t
have this problem.

Where should I look?


Gary B

Asterisk 1.8 Dimensioning.

Hi Group,

Is there any information available for Asterisk 1.8 dimensioning? I googled
but couldn’t find helpful data for 1.8.

I am trying to figure out hardware configuration for following features
implemented in Asterisk 1.8?

(1)100 SIP clients.
(2)ACD (Around 15 realtime queues)
(3)Call recording for all SIP clients.
(4)4 port PRI (E1). There would be around 100 concurrent calls.
(6)Around 50 Mysql queries per call (through ODBC). (Remote Database)

I can provide further information if missing something.

Thanking you in advance.