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Need to buy the Digium card, to confirm

Hi All;

My server and its slots written in it the following so I need to know which card to order it (I need a card supporting 2 E1s):


Actually I do not know what is meaning by G2.

OK I tried to buy directly from the below link but I found it is mentioned that it is x1 and not x4 or x8 so how can I get x4 or x8?

The link:


Description for the product:
Two (2) span digital T1/E1/J1/PRI PCI-Express x1 card

So please advise what do to?

SRTP Error Message

Apologies in advance if this has come up a thousand times before but is there any way to stop this error in 1.8 ?

[ Feb 26 15:09:09] ERROR[6678] chan_sip.c: No SRTP module loaded, can’t setup SRTP session.

Detect DTMF tone during call?


I am attempting to create a intercom buzzer system using asterisk as a
back end. Most is figured out except the actual action of buzzing the
door. I need to detect whether a DTMF key was pressed by the the
called party (the resident). Is this possible to do using just a
dialplan? I can’t see any options on the Dial command that would lead
to this, am I looking in the wrong place? I looked briefly through the
archive and I heard mentions of AGI, is this what must be used to
accomplish this?