Any voice changer applications for Asterisk?


On 02/06/2011 05:39 AM, Bruce B wrote:
> Hello,
> Are there any other other voice changer applications to Asterisk other
> than the one from Lobstertech? (
> Specifically interested in open-source but can have a look at
> economical commercial alternatives as well.
It might help if you explained the kind of change you would like to
make, which the lobstertech module doesn't offer. Steve

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Callback through extensions.conf?


Hello I'd like to configure Asterisk so that...
1. I ring it from my cellphone with CID number displayed, just to
notify Asterisk that I wish to make a call
2. Asterisk waits until I hang up, calls me back, and prompts me for
the number I wish to call
3. Asterisk puts me on hold through Flash(), which is apparently the
equivalent of hitting the R key on European handsets
4. Asterisk calls the number, and once the remote party has answered,
bridges the two channels Ideally, I'd like to do…

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Zaptel slow to detect remote hangup


Hello I hooked up an Asterisk appliance to an analog phone line, and I
notice the phones keeps ringing twice after the remote caller has hung
up. /etc/zaptel.conf has the right country parameter set.
/etc/asterisk/indications.conf has locale information, but it's
apparently used by the pbx_indications module. Is there a way to tel Zaptel detect this type of event faster? Thank you.

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