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I need to replace our current 1 port pri card with a quad port card. I’m
currently using the newest AsteriskNOW distro. Are there any issues I should
expect to run into? I’m hoping the transition will be smooth, however I
havent had to do this in the past.

2 thoughts on - Replacing digital pri card

  • I don’t imagine this would be too complicated – don’t have any experience
    with AsteriskNOW – but on a ‘vanilla’ linux distro it would just be a matter
    of making sure dahdi is loading the correct drivers and doing a couple of
    minor config file updates.

  • It should be reasonably easy, but you will need to update your DAHDI
    configs, including chan_dahdi.conf. I think that Digium developed and
    included a DAHDI configuration module for FreePBX that makes that more

    If you use a non-Digium card, you’ll need to update those
    configurations, too.