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  • Hello Michael,

    You could try to achieve this functionality in dialplan by using the
    applications AddQueueMember/RemoveQueueMember which are used to
    dynamically add/remove queue members.

    An example dialplan flow for agent login will be

    1. get the SIP interface from which the agent is logging in (like
    SIP/1234). You should be able to extract it from the CHANNEL variable
    2. Ask for the agentid/code. Read the agentid/code and use an AGI to
    authenticate the agent
    3. Add the SIP interface to the queue using AddQueueMember

    You could have a similar dialplan for agent logout, which removes SIP
    interface from the queue using RemoveQueueMember.

    For the DND you could then use PauseQueueMember/UnpauseQueueMember applications.


  • Dnia Sat, 25 Dec 2010 15:31:57 +0200
    Michael napisał(a):

    Which version of Asterisk you’re using?

  • Hi,

    We’re using version 1.6.2.X.

    I think that the command we need is AgentCallbackLogin. We’re building a
    script to study the entire functionality of queues, agents and everything
    around it.

    Happy New Year to all,


    2010/12/27 Damian Ryszka

  • Dnia Tue, 28 Dec 2010 08:02:51 +0200
    Michael napisał(a):

    Perhaps you noticed, that AgentCallbackLogin() has been removed in 1.6

    To log in Agents into queues I’m using AddQueueMember() and
    to remove RemoveQueueMember(). To make authorization I’ve tried to
    use Read() application to read PIN and username from caller and
    compare his input with mysql (ODBC driver) with success but I didn’t
    have time to finish it.

    I hope that above will be useful.