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Could anyone recommend some documentation regarding Asterisk 1.8 and the
realtime architecture? Specifically I want to know if it is possible to set
a priority label or to use n as a priority for realtime extensions in
Asterisk 1.8? My understanding is that is not possible with Asterisk 1.4 and
I wonder if it’s changed?

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4 thoughts on - Asterisk 1.8 and Realtime

  • Realtime extensions for Asterisk is horrible. You need to use
    extensions.conf and use the switch statement (between other inconvenient
    things). I really recommend against using that part of the Realtime

    The solution to this would be to use Realtime static which with a
    little patience lets you use the dialplan without many modifications and
    with all the helpers like n and same. This is what we use at the moment
    for our configuration interface.

  • Actually, you can use the ‘overrideswitch’ statement, and the named switch
    will be consulted first for all extension contexts.

    Also, you should use an interface such as func_odbc to abstract your data
    away from your logic. Store the logic in the dialplan, but store the
    dynamic information in the database.

  • I can’t see how you could possibly use n priority with RealTime. How
    would the system know what the ordering was?