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Any recent experience to share when using OpenStage phones in SIP mode and
Asterisk ?

What about provisionning (and localization) ?
Audio quality ?
User acceptance ?


One thought on - Siemens OpenStage phones and Asterisk

  • Hi!

    I found these phones not to be very comfortable to use, even though they do
    look interesting and the hardware is well done. If I remember well you can run your on JAVA
    (and/or XML) applications on it – loading it the first time takes a while, though.

    Provisioning is certainly a strong feature of those phones, but it is also complex. Look at the
    Asterisk solution “Gemeinschaft” if you are interested in a PBX product that has attacked

    Working but limited (during my short test I think I didn’t get pickup-with-BLF-button working).
    It is very well possible that with a newer firmware this was addressed. See also:


    Good or very good.


    P.S.: Last time I checked the firmware was not easily available from Siemens.