One thought on - How to list used extensions + assign extension toa roaming phone

  • Hi Danny,

    Yes, indeed. Thanks.
    Though, there’s something strange with it, but probably related to
    question 2 below.

    I tried both ways but couldn’t get it working. In both cases, this is
    what happened:

    I have phones (non-roaming) to which I have assigned numbers such as
    2102, 2103 etc.
    The roaming phone can call the other phones (for eg 2103) without problem.
    But strange, when he calls 2103, 2103 sees an incoming call of 2111,
    which is the last of the non-roaming phone numbers I configured. And
    on asterisk command line,
    sip show peers
    shows as if 2103 and 2111 were online
    and sip show channels
    shows as if 2103 and 2111 were in the middle of their call !
    Though, I checked it, 2111 is offline. The only two phones online are
    2103 and the roaming phone.
    Looks like a bug in my config, huh ?

    Now, the other way round, 2103 can’t call the roaming phone (which is
    what I would have liked). I tried 2103 call 2111, but that doesn’t
    work (and confirms 2111 is offline). I tried 2103 calls 3000 or 3001,
    no success.

    Can somebody help debug this?

    Here is my config:

    exten => 2103,1,Macro(dialSIP,IMSIA)
    exten => 2104,1,Macro(dialSIP,IMSIB)
    exten => 2105,1,Macro(dialSIP,IMSIC)
    exten => 2110,1,Macro(dialSIP,IMSID)
    exten => 2111,1,Macro(dialSIP,IMSIE)
    ; roaming users
    ; I tried both solutions:
    ;exten => 3xxx,1,dial(SIP/foo)
    exten => 3001,1(readop),BackGround(beep)
    exten => 3001,n,Read(digito,assignroam,3)
    exten => 3001,n,SayDigits(${digito})
    exten => 3001,n,Set(ROAM=${digito})
    exten => 3001,n,Set(DB(roam/ext)=${digito})
    exten => 3001,n,playback(vm-goodbye)
    exten => 3001,n,hangup
    exten => 4xxx,1,Set(ROAM=${DB(roam/ext)})
    exten => 4xxx,n,dial(SIP/${ROAM})