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Hello everyone,

I have noticed thar our dahdi-channels.conf has some repeating directives,
for instance for channel 2 (FXO) we have these settings:

;;; line=”2 WCTDM/0/1 FXSKS”
channel => 2

As you can see, a few directives are repeated (callerid, group, context).
This was generated by DAHDI tools, and since it’s working I didn’t want to
change it. Is it safe to remove them?

Thanks in advance,

Alex Saavedra

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  • Hi,

    On Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 9:49 AM, Alex Saavedra <

    href=”mailto:alex@masterline-logistics.com”>alex@masterline-logistics.com> wrote:

    Short Answer: NO!!

    Longer Answer: The settings all apply to channels, which are defined by the
    “channel => 2” directive. If I’m remembering correctly, the channel is “set”
    at the end of the Stanza, not at the beginning. So, your blank callerid and
    group would apply to your next channel directive (3?). Now, I remember
    reading there
    is a way to flip the channel definition bit (“channel => XX”) to the top of
    the stanza, but can’t recall. Now, if in between two channel definitions you
    have repetition, it might be ok to trim things up, as long as it has the
    right information — the last setting is the effective one. And the bit that
    starts “;;;” is a comment, which is
    actually ignored by asterisk.

    Hope this helps,