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pbx18*CLI> module load
Unable to load module
Command ‘module load ‘ failed.
[Dec 22 15:52:45] WARNING[4491]: loader.c:757 inspect_module: Module
‘’ does not provide a license key.
[Dec 22 15:52:45] WARNING[4491]: loader.c:852 load_resource: Module
‘’ could not be loaded.

It worked on Asterisk 1.4, but not anymore on my Asterisk
1.8…….why??? 🙁

Thank you

Giorgio Incantalupo

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  • I’m going to guess you aren’t going to get a lot of help on a list
    hosted by Digium on how to use a potentially illegal codec…

    That said, “ast14” in the filename might signify what the problem is.
    The APIs likely changed for modules between 1.4 and 1.8.

    On Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 7:58 AM, Giorgio Incantalupo

  • Hi all,

    thanks for answering.

    You all are right but I do not really need the codec because my phones
    and my Voip lines are all working using g729. Asterisk is working fine
    without transcoding as well…..the problem is my CLI is flooded with
    messages like:
    WARNING[7831] translate.c: No translator path from alaw to unknown
    which are quite annoying…aren’t they?
    Should I pay to avoid a CLI message….? That doesn’t sound fair to me.
    I know I should report the problem but the “fake” codec seemed the
    faster way.

    Giorgio Incantalupo

    Giorgio Incantalupo wrote:

  • Hi MrHanMan,

    you are right…and the mistake is so stupid I’ve already solved
    it….what a slip! 🙂
    This means I really need a long relaxing period on some exotic
    island…or in some cold prison since I’m using an illegal codec!!! 🙂
    Still I do not believe why Asterisk had not complained for a different
    version module instead of asking for a license. Should I report this
    Btw thank you for your time.

    Giorgio Incantalupo

    P.S.: as I’ve already written in some other post, I use the criminal
    codec to test Voip lines without the need to install the license every
    time and to avoid a noisy message flooding my CLI.

    MrHanMan wrote:

  • Giorgio

    You could buy just a couple of licenses 3 to 5. It would get rid of the
    messages for the most part and it would give you the ability to transcode
    for voicemails and other items requiring transcode. The reason you are
    likely getting the messages is there is some kind of transcode required
    that it can’t do and you are getting the warring. If you shut off all in
    the middle functions like recording, voicemail, and feature codes you may
    be able to get rid of them but you would also loose the functions. You
    will likely waste more than the $30 to $50 dollars in time and you get the
    option to transcode to boot. Just my 2 cents.

  • On Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 9:48 AM, Giorgio Incantalupo

    Hmm…potentially infringing on a patent or adding a noload directive
    to modules.conf. It’s a toss up! 😉


  • 2010/12/22 Bryant Zimmerman

    Mayba I’m hijacking this thread, but what about virtual machines ?

    At the moment, let say you’re using an hardware platform on which you launch
    virtual machines (one per project but only one at a time).

    Would a single licence be usable on each virtual machine (same
    (virtualized?) processor and mac addresses) ?

  • My understanding is that you need one license for every channel it’s
    being used on, regardless of whether the server is physical or