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There is a problem that i can not figure out how to solve.
I got users with 5 digit usernames for sip.

Some users has a callerid for outside calls.

I have such problems

When a user activates (for ex) call forwarding, System creates that entry on
database as CFIM/callerid not the username,
So this rule works only if a call is made from outside to the callerid. Not
the local calls made to username.

Or, if that user dials *97 and tries to enter voicemail, voicemail
application looks for callerid instead of username , so it can not find it.

And got similar problems in some other applications too.
So, how can i make to use callerid only for outbound calls, or to forward
incoming calls to local extensions.

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    Hi and thanks for the reply,
    Userid and caller ids are different. Thats making the problem bigger.
    If it was like 55512345/12345 i can crop the number in dialingplans and doenst
    have any headaches.

    Making such static definitions can work with small number of users but, it is
    planned to have about 5000 users which makes impossible to make such
    Maybe i should match username and callerid together.
    mmm that might work 🙂