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Hi All,
I have installed asterisk
Dahdi: 2.4.0
Digium card: Digium, Inc. Wildcard AEX800 8-port analog card

I have configured this card properly and it is working for calls too,
But there is issue of one way audio on this outbound routes only,
My voice is going to outside pstn number but i am not able to get their
I have disabled firewall, selinux is also off.

If I am applying this line to analog phone then also it is working fine,
But when it is added on digium card then this issue happens,
can anybody help me for this issue?

Max Alex
Voip Developer

4 thoughts on - dahdi issue on digium AEX800

  • First off, my recommendation is for you to contact Digium technical
    support. They will be able to help you triage and resolve this.

    That being said, some questions that come to mind looking at your

    1) Is the one-way audio constant or intermittent? Does it affect all
    calls through the card or only “outbound routes”?

    2) Do you have a VPM module installed on the card? If so, does loading
    the card with “modprobe wctdm24xxp vpmsupport=0” change the behavior at all?

    3) Is there anything strange you see in the output of the “dmesg” command?

    4) Are you able to install and try the current trunk of DAHDI? Does
    that change what you see?


  • Am 20.12.2010 15:11, schrieb Shaun Ruffell:

    Please show us
    cat /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf | grep overlapdial

    is it “yes”?

  • Am 20.12.2010 16:00, schrieb Thorsten Göllner:

    Ups, last line was cut. Please show us:
    cat /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf | grep overlapdial