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On Wed, 2010-12-15 at 14:33 +0000, Ishfaq Malik wrote:
> Hi
> We are using asterisk 1.4.17 for the apt repository on an Ubuntu server
> and we’re getting an odd problem with one customer using a Queue
> The queue is called in the dialplan with the options Tn
> The queue only has one member.
> Occasionally and starting to get more frequently the caller ends up
> being initially answered by the wrong extension (i.e. one that is not a
> member of the queue)
> Has anyone ever heard of an issue where on call in a queue is
> transferred but the transfer is actually actioned on a different call
> that is waiting in the same queue?
> Thanks in Advance
> Ish

I’ve been doing my own testing so can add some more information to my
initial problem.

I have set up my phone to use hints/subscriptions for the purpose of BLF
Call A comes in and is answered by User 1
Call B comes in and is left ringing
User 1 uses a BLF programmed button on a snom phone to call user 2
User 2 answers and accepts the call
User 1 presses transfer on their phone
Call B (which still has not been answered) is transferred to User 2 and
not call A which stays on hold!

If I do the same as above but press hold and dial the extension for user
2 and then press transfer call A is transferred to user 2 which is what
I think we all would consider to be the correct behaviour.

Has anyone ever come across this and found a reason (and possibly
solution) for this issue?

One thought on - Transferring problem with BLF buttons

  • 2010/12/16 Ishfaq Malik

    Have you tried using features.conf file blind and attended transfers ? Does
    it work ?
    Have you tried using a non-Snom phone ?