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For customers who need a small IP PBX to handle up to four ISDN lines
(in France, so I guess that means EuroISDN) instead of a PC + Asterisk
and an ISDN gateway box, has someone already played with the Atcom

Any feedback appreciated.

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  • No, but afaicr, the guys for linksys were contemplating making a
    bri-version of there wel-known SPA ata box.
    (as in competely enginered, but not yet marketed)

    Last thing i heard from them, was that were gethering info about how
    much (commercial) interest there would be for such device.

    But as BRI / (aso known as ISDN2) is more a thing of the past, i mean
    pre-adsl, for the general public, the number of people with bri and
    hence their potential market is (too) small, i fear.


  • It’s not a thing of the past in Europe – well, the UK and Germany and
    maybe France… ISDN2e is still the standard for small/medium business
    connectivity over here (UK).

    Probably mostly because there are still PBX installation monkeys selling
    it in preference to VoIP because they don’t know how to make VoIP work.

    Much as I’d like to, I do not see ISDN2e going away in the UK in the next
    10 years.


  • Also note that in many places (USA) the ISDN service is used for the
    disabled (deaf / mute) communication systems. There may be devices in
    this industry that fit your needs.

    So if you live in a very low population area and need to improve
    your pots service just request an ADA (Americans with Disability Act)
    ISDN line. This will force the telco to wake up and run better
    service (new copper/fiber depending on the buildout law) and you do
    not have to prove you are disabled.

    ~~~ Andrew “lathama” Latham
    href=””> ~~~

  • On Sun, 12 Dec 2010 20:02:00 +0100, Hans Witvliet

    The problem with VoIP, is that this side of the pond/channel, there
    aren’t that many ADSL providers that also support VoIP and have
    competitive offers for small businesses, and thus, I wouldn’t
    recommend ADSL for professional telephony.

    The Atcom seems like a more competitive and compact solution than a
    regular PC + SIP/ISDN gateway.

  • Well, the fact that it is (still) popular in the UK, is merely that the
    salespeople BT used some more of their braincels than the
    telco-providers in NL.

    (I used to work at a manufacturer of telco equipment, so i knew about
    Basic handsets were way overpriced (40 times more expensive than regular
    headsets) hence avoiding general interest.

    And if you wanted more than 2B channels, your were forced with a full E1
    line, with subscription fee for each B-channel. No thing like fractional

    Before the days of cable or dsl, it was the only way of getting a
    slightlier higher bandwith than with the V56-modems, but we had
    seriously the feeling that KPN was doing their best to frustrate/avoid
    general acceptance.


  • I don’t know what their price-range is, (just going through their site)

    Other alternative i heard about, is the DSL-modems from AVM.
    What i heard, is that you can use the 7170 and 7270 (perhaps their
    latest models also) as an BRI-gateway.

    Perhaps not as small as the linksys boxes, but you also got a wifi-modem
    along with it, that is oftenly used as a wifi-repeater.


  • Hm. I have one customer with 8 ISDN2e ports – that’s 16 channels. BT want
    to charge them several arms & legs to run fibre (for a mere 2Mb line,
    sheesh!), but are happy to supply more copper ISDN2e lines…


  • Le 13/12/2010 11:43, Gilles a √©crit :

    We are selling our own xDSL but a France Telecom Pro can do the job.
    Always dedicate the ADSL line to VoIP, use the right codec and you will
    have the quality you need. In big towns, some of our cutomers uses ADSL
    from Free Telecom without any problem.

    Anyway, we are today more and more upgrading our customers Internet
    access from ADSL to SDSL which become affordable and let us the
    possibility to use video during calls.

  • Hi!

    There is a German and an international (English) version, and there are three hardware
    versions with slightly different features. In Germany ISDN is typically Annex B, but
    supposedly it is not so difficult to modify the box for Annex A.

    The built-in SIP proxy is made for “inside LAN” usage, although there are ways to make the
    box also accept SIP UAs on the Internet as local “phones”. Do not expect too many features
    for these IP phones, for example AVM only very recently added transfer capability. Telnet
    access can be enabled by DTMF (Linux inside), and there is an unsupported mod system
    called “Freetz” that permits to install Asterisk and other tools.

    BTW, the successor to the very popular 7270 is the 7390 (VDSL, Gigabit switch).


  • On Mon, 13 Dec 2010 12:06:56 +0100, Administrator TOOTAI

    Thanks for the infos. I’d like to know that xDSL is a reliable
    alternative to ISDN for SOHO’s or SMB’s for telephony, and what
    reputable companies are out there.