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A couple of months ago we registered our product AQuA at Asterisk Exchange. We were told that it collects like 14K visitors per month and knowing interest to our product from Asterisk community we have calculated a certain super-mini-minimal % of visitors coming from Asterisk Exchange to our web site… Here comes the funny thing – there was no traffic increase since then, there were no referral visist from Asterisk Exchange… We are getting something a bit less than 100 product inquiries a month and NONE has ever mentioned that learnt about us from Asterisk Exchange…

My question is: have we just wasted $2500 for being listed there? Is Asterisk Exchange some kind of bubble? Unfortunately we never got response from the people who sold us this service 🙂

Thanks and cheers,
Sevana Oy

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  • The is a directory of products and services that complement, extend, or enhance Asterisk. As announced at AstriCon 2009, Digium answered the demand for a marketplace that would guide Asterisk users to available solutions. Free listings are available for free products and services, and paid listings are available for non-free products and services.

    The site was created separately from and to avoid confusion with Digium products and partnerships and to avoid any implied endorsements from the Asterisk community. is well-ranked in search engines and is linked directly from and Its traffic is a fraction of that seen on, but is growing at a steady organic rate.

    Many Asterisk users and integrators have found the AsteriskExchange to be a useful, low-noise site that highlights useful Asterisk solutions.


    I’ve responded to you directly with a report of traffic for your listing and the referrals it has generated. While I understand that the traffic to your listing may be disappointing, that fact may have more to do with the appeal of your product than the directory in which it is listed. For instance, more visitors to the AsteriskExchange are seeking an autodialer, billing platform, or ITSP than are seeking audio quality analysis solutions.

    You’re invited to collaborate with us to improve your listing and the resulting traffic. We can help with the listing and landing page, but the product and its positioning is entirely up to you. While I’m happy to explain to the asterisk-users or asterisk-biz lists, this conversation should move off these lists and into private email.