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I am having issues with Blind Transfer on asterisk 1.8

If I call from one Grandstream phone to another and us the transfer key
to do a blind transfer everything works fine.

When calling in on a sip trunk and then trying to use the transfer key
to transfer from Grandstream phone to Grandstream phone the call just hangs
up. It did not do this on Asterisk 1.4.x or 1.6.2.x . If we use the # to
initiate the transfer everything works. But our customers are use to using
the transfer key on the phone. I found several bugs out there on the bug
tracker but do not see if there is any work around. Any ideas or help
would be appreciated.


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  • What specific version: 1.8.0, 1.8.1-rc1, SVN branch? What OS?

    Does the remote party (being transferred) initially hear hold music,
    then the line go silent after completing the transfer?

    Does the Grandstream show the call still on hold, but you are unable
    to pick it up?

    Are you using Realtime and/or Direct media?

    I have been chasing a deadlock (issue #18403) on blind transfers with
    1.8SVN and have not found a work-around yet. While I can deadlock
    every time (Polycom and Cisco handsets), at least one other has
    reported different results with the Bria Softphone and Grandstream
    handsets. You could try a softphone and see if you get the same
    results as the physical phones.


  • Replys from Bryant

    On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 9:44 AM, Bryant Zimmerman

    Verison 1.8.0, Suse 11.1

    hangs up.

    No the call just drops and nothing happens in the dial plan.

    The call just goes a way.

    Not using Realtime. I don’t think I am using Direct media. Our switch
    should be handling all of the rtp traffic


    I have a version of Bria I can try later today.


  • Karsten

    I do not see it in the changlog for the 1.8.1 rc version.
    How would I get the SVN version to test?

    Thanks for your help.