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> Sorry, of course cdr.conf not queues.conf. marcus
> Am 01.12.2010 19:16 schrieb “marcus rothe” :
> Hi Rodrigo, have you got enabled the appropriate line in queues. Conf?
> Regards Marcus
Thanks very much,

I include the line “unansweredy=yes” in the cdr.conf and solve the problem.

Thanks again!

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  • I messed up in the records, did not fix the problem.

    The calls that are going to leave the queue and still are no records in the

    The output of the command “show status cdr”:

    AST * CLI> cdr status show
    CDR logging: enabled
    CDR mode: simple
    CDR output unanswered calls: no
    CDR registered backend: mysql

    The option of unanswered calls is to “no”, but is cdr.conf configre to
    “yes.” Look:

    cat / etc / asterisk / cdr.conf
    enable = yes
    unansweredy = yes
    safeshutdown = yes
    endbeforehexten = yes

    host = localhost

    Thanks again,

  • Hi. Assuming you use Debian and have all your repositories ok, do:

    Install mysql Database:

    Install php5 to run my script:

    To create the MySQL table I use this script [1], I pasted in the pastebin
    now. This script creates the CDR and Queue_log tables.

    To convert your cvs queue_log for MySQL, use this script [2]. I did it now
    and have tested, it worked for me. Make a backup of queue_log before use.

    [1] http://pastebin.com/2v5UPg3Q
    [2] http://pastebin.com/TCJHkPXP

    Any questions just ask. If you find an error in php script just let me know,
    then I stand corrected.

    And please answer in the list. So when someone needs the same procedure like
    you needed now, he can find in list history.

    Best regards,