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Asterisk gurus.... I just installed asterisk along with FreePBX on a fairly small
VPS (512mb standard, 512mb "burst"). I note that the asterisk process
is using about 209mb of memory just doing nothing (not configured to do
anything yet) In contrast to this, my installation from a little over a year
ago uses only 40mb and it's fully configured and running with about 4
months of uptime (2 trunks, 4 channels, 3 DIDs, and 4 extensions.) Any ideas on how I can get the memory consumption down on my new

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Find media and sip endpoints IP address durring"h" extension


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Subject: [asterisk-users] Find media and sip endpoints IP address durring"h"
extension How can I get the media and sip endpoints IP address durring "h" extension? I need to write these to my CEL logs. Any ideas? Thanks
Bryant Possibly from the SIP headers. Probably have to capture this information
before the hangup occurs (DeadAGI might be able to extract this).

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The Year in VoIP


On this weeks VUC call we will collectively be our own guests. That is,
we'd like to know what was the big issue that impacted YOU in 2010? All
opinions welcome. Here are a few things to get you thinking in advance: - Apple's Antenna-gate
- Asterisk 1.8 Launches
- Amazon EC2 as a DOS platform
- Cisco launched UMI video conference device
- More HDVoice capable phones
- Skype Outage
- VoIP on mobile devices
- or perhaps something more personal..... Come one, come all. Bring your story. Connect details…

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