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root@pbx:~# uptime
23:10:15 up 606 days, 9:38, 1 user, load average: 0.31, 0.08, 0.02

Customer called they are having a scheduled power outage for most of
the day because of construction if I can shut down the machine
gracefully. So I decided to run uptime first.

One thought on - for those wondering on the stability

  • I’d suggest you take the opportunity to patch that box while its going to go
    offline anyways!

    *nix is not immune to security problems despite what some might like to
    think! Also, I believe Asterisk has had a couple relatively
    serious vulnerabilities that have been patched in 1.4 and 1.6 over the last
    2 years – of course you could of already patched those without a reboot.