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  • Sorry,

    what I meant was:

    server*CLI> remove extension (hit tab)



    It could be an extension name…. Where is the error trapping if this is the
    case.. Who writes this shit?

  • A dedicated bunch of volunteers who don’t appreciate you being a dick about bugs, which you report without so much as a log entry or a core dump.

    At least update to the latest version.



  • If you remove an extension that is being used, control could flow into
    the now non-loaded extension, and THAT is what caused your core dump.

    Don’t do that.

    If you want to NEVER load extensions and also not crash asterisk,
    you’re better off taking a look at modules.conf, particular making
    entries that begin with
    noload =>

    You can also take a look at 1.6 and make menuconfig, and just not
    build modules that you don’t want. Then they’ll really never load at

  • Apologies

    very long and bad day yesterday stuck on a customer site for 14 hours doing
    something that should take 1 hour 50 max but …. I’m not even going to go
    into it…

    Sorry for being an asshole.