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I have a server running that uses realtime for most
configurations. Everything works fine except for meetme. When I use
Meetme with Realtime any options specified in the dial plan are ignored.
For example:

exten => 1557,1,Meetme(905,icM(somemusic))

With realtime I just get dropped into the conference room. If I used
meetme.conf directly it does prompt me for my name and use the proper
MoH. Should I open a bug for this?

One thought on - Meetme Realtime in 1.6

  • Hi Carlos,

    you have to incllude the conference options (user ad admin) in the meetme
    table and put schedule=yes in meetme.conf file

    On the dialplan just call the conference like:

    exten => 1557,1,Meetme(905)


    – Bakko