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Hi all,

I would like to know if something I am trying to do is possible.

I currently using 1.8 and would like to make recordings in wideband

I have an aastra 6739i which supports the g722 codec.

I made an agi application in which I would like an user to record a

I use the agi command record_file.

Which format setting do I need to be able to record in wideband?

Tried: wav, gsm, pcm. Nothing seems to give me the result I desire.

Hope someone can help me.

Kind regards,

Henry Dogger

Telecats BV

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  • I tried this also, but now I can’t listen to the prompts on my pc.
    On the phone it seems fine, but how do I know it’s wideband.
    G722 should be 16 khz 14 bit.

    I use goldwave to listen to the prompts, but this does not support such
    a setting.
    Can someone point me in the right direction perhaps?

  • href=”mailto:asterisk-users-bounces@lists.digium.com”>asterisk-users-bounces@lists.digium.com

    Perform the recording with G722 on your system (since that’s the audio
    codec you’re using)…Then use Asterisk’s “file convert” CLI command
    to convert to a more suitable format for your listening pleasure.
    Normally I’d suggest sox, but apparently sox doesn’t “know how” to
    work with G722.

    Sherwood McGowan