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Please don’t consider this as an advertizing, but since we received feedback
from the community that the only voice quality assessment solutions
available are worth 50K, we have started to develop an Asterisk based voice
quality monitoring framework. The core technology for perceptual voice
quality evaluation is based on our products AQuA and NIQA that are quite
widely used already among some Asterisk owners and even some well-recognized
brands. However, the point of this message is to ask the community to assist
with the demanded features. So far our customers reported that they would
like Asterisk VQM Framework having:

– blast dialing to evaluate voice quality depending on the calls load sent
to the server under test
– reporting mechanism for obtained call statistics
– implement alerts on test call results (quality going below 3 and below 2)
– implement SaaS as demo and be ready to sell it as a service
– sniffer + NIQA + G.107 with alerting for non-intrusive voice quality
– Asterisk VQM to Asterisk VQM call simulation (to simulate how monitoring
works when there are a couple of servers installed)
– detection of reasons for failed test calls

Our goal is to develop an affordable solution assisting VoIP community to
monitor, evaluate, control and manage call quality in their networks; to
have quantitative arguments towards PSTN gateway owners when voice quality
drops down in PSTN network, to be able to route calls over the trunks with
the best quality and in automated manner… And your support in presenting
your wishes and ideas will help us a lot to achieve this. The first version
of the framework is already available and even has customers already.

Thanks a lot in advance!
Best Regards,
Sevana Oy