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Hello Asterisk community,

We are having some problems with crashes in Asterisk, my asterisk
versions are and I have found this:

“~/work/asterisk-branch-1.4$ svn log -c 260345

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  • Hello John,

    What i am asking is if i can apply this patch manually or something like
    this without making any upgrade of Asterisk, has anyone done this before?

    Or i have to upgrade my Asterisk versions…i don’t really want to do

    Thanks in Advance!

    2010/11/22 John Novack

  • Danny Dias wrote:
    I can’t answer that question.
    Why not? MANY fixes have been included in the upgrades.
    Improved security at the least. There are 10-15 versions between where
    you are operating and what is current

    John Novack

  • 2010/11/22 John Novack

    ummm why not? is something wrong?

    I’m sure that the upgrade will fix this, but if applying the patch without
    making any upgrade will be better for me, my asterisk servers are working
    with many calls, realtime, fop etc…and an upgrade could make something

  • Application of a patch to any one-or-more-off version of asterisk can be a
    “Russian roulette” proposition; If you’re applying “1-off” you’re pretty
    safe. The more versions between the patch and where you are, the more
    bullets you are loading into the gun.

    The best (IMO) procedure for this or any other ‘more-than-1-off’ patch you
    want to apply is

    #1. create a backup copy of the module you’re patching

    #2 apply the patch

    #3 do a native gcc compile of the module for any obvious gotcha’s

    #4 if nothing happened in step 3, do your make and make install on
    asterisk to install the patch and check it out.

    #5 if it works, you’re done, if not, put the file back from the backup in
    step 1 and repeat step 4.


    Danny Nicholas