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We succeed to send faxes using FFA, when the files are converted to tif
from PDF using gs, but it doesn’t work with tif files we copy/upload
directly from our PCs.

We saw in the manual that the size is important, since we got the error
“FAX handle 0: failed to queue document ‘filename.tif'”, so we set it to
1680×2285, but it’s still rejected.

Is there a way to debug this further and fix it? We often have tif
source files that we prefer to send, without converting to pdf and back
to tif.

Thank you in advance,


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  • I don’t know if this is the case or not, but check for differences
    between the two tiff files. I wonder if one is compressed and the
    other is not?


  • Hi,

    We played around with the different parameters of the tif files and
    found that the issue was with the resolution.

    Most files generated on the PC have a 200×200 resolution, but it seems
    that FFA only accepts 204×196 resolution.

    Right now, we added a process to change the file resolution using
    ImageMagick, but it would make sense to allow also 200×200.


  • Hi Michael,

    Use spandsp. It is more relaxed about the file resolution, to avoid this
    exact issue. Files with a resolution within 5% of 204×196 are accepted.
    However, if you have really made the image width 1680 pixels, that is
    wrong and I would be surprised if any FAX software accepts it. Standard
    sized FAX images are 1780 pixels wide.


  • Hi Steve,

    How do we install/use it? Is there an online guide for using it with
    Asterisk 1.6.2.x?

    We removed that conversion, once we found that the only relevant field
    was the resolution. Now, A4 pages are automatically converted from
    2339×1654 to 2292×1728, due to the resolution change.