5 thoughts on - Ekiga can register but not my IP phone

  • I am assuming you mean Asterisk on Ubuntu inside the LAN

    Is this outside the LAN?
    Is there NAT in between?
    SIP is a pain in the ass with NAT, so it’s the only thing I can think
    of. Usually in my experience it’s the other way around! Ekiga is the
    one that doesn’t work and tends to be very quirky (takes a long time
    to quit, has strange registration quirks, etc.), I mean when compared
    to HW SIP device.

    The only thing I can think of are NAT issues with SIP. If you are in
    fact NATing try the Siemens phone to a direct IP to the server (no
    NAT, firewall, etc.) and see.

  • Thanks Alejandro, you were right it was just a NAT problem ! i add a
    stun server in the phone configuration and it works 🙂

    2010/11/19, Alejandro Imass :

  • Thanks for your help.

    you were right it also work without a stun server adding to sip.conf:
    externip=78.47.x.x ; in [general] the IP of the dedicated server
    nat=yes ; in the description of my peer

    2010/11/19, Alejandro Imass :

  • Exactly. BTW, IAX doesn’t have such problems 😉 but sadly not too
    many devices support it. Especially if you plan to connect your
    Asterisk boxes, even though you can use SIP, it’s _strongly_ advisable
    you use IAX instead.