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I have two questions for the group.

#1 – I’m looking to use some GSM SIM cards with my Asterisk PBX. Can
anyone recommend a gateway? I need about 10-15 SIM slots.

#2 – I’m also looking to connect Asterisk to an SS7 signaled DS1 (24
channels) for inbound and outbound voice calls. Can anyone offer any
suggestions for cards to use there?

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  • In regard to #2, “any” T1 card should work. But the problem is you need SS7
    software and SS7 connectivity in addition to the T1 card.

    Cary Fitch

  • Sangoma has both – the card and the software. I think you have to
    dedicate a box to SS7 though…


  • Asterisk (as of version 1.6.0 or greater) has native support for SS7
    with DAHDI interface cards in chan_dahdi. I obviously have used it with
    quite a few Digium cards that have worked well.

    Matthew Fredrickson
    Hardware/Software Engineer
    Digium, Inc.


  • Matthew,
    So 1.6.0 or newer, with a Digium card should talk T1/SS7 no problem?
    That’s great news! I have a Nortel DMS100 that we have configured for
    DS1/SS7 and we were trying to figure out how to connect an Asterisk
    PBX to it.

  • That is correct. Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any
    issues come up along the way. The sample chan_dahdi.conf has a section
    with an example of an SS7 setup in it, for reference on configuration.

    Matthew Fredrickson
    Hardware/Software Engineer
    Digium, Inc.

  • Oh yeah, and also, there’s an asterisk-ss7 mailing list at where SS7 related discussion and questions usually take

    Matthew Fredrickson
    Hardware/Software Engineer
    Digium, Inc.

  • Thanks – Last time I looked into this (back in the 1.2 days, things
    were still under extensive development)