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I’m trying to create a link between two PBXs. One is Asterisk 1.4.15,
the other is an unknown 3rd party PBX.

In my internal testing, beween two A*k servers, I found that if I
created two sip accounts from the same IP, one as peer and one as user
(intending to give an -IN and -OUT setup), then inbound calls always
seemed to route via the -OUT account and failed. My fix was to use
type=friend, which seemed to make sense and be ok.

Now with the 3rd party PBX, if I set type=friend, then we get an error
of “Peer is not supposed to register”. If I then set type=peer, it
registers ok… But I thought that friend=peer+user ??



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  • I suggest you up Asterisk to something near current.
    I remember that 1.4 had many broken versions between 1.4.13 and 1.4.21,
    especially with sip, with lots of other fixes beyond.
    you may find all works as expected without further effots

    John Novack

    Adrian Marsh wrote: