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How to construct a call center on asterisk

Hi all
Now, i want to construct a call center on asterisk but i don`t know how to
do. Can anyone help me?
Thanks and best regards.

Best way to connect to a MySQL Database

Is this command the best way to access a MySQL database -
MYSQL(Connect connid dhhost dbuser dbpass dbname) ?

I thought I heard that using ODBC was a bit more stable.

Anyone have any experience?


SIP calls destroyed after 1:20

After upgrading to Asterisk 1.8.0, I am finding that my outbound SIP
calls are being destroyed after 1 minute and 20 seconds (80 seconds).

Asterisk is sending a BYE message – I have no idea why.

http://jeremy.kister.net/tmp/20101115/sip.txt for a sip debug.

can anyone suggest how i can further deal with this?

Door Contacts via Asterisk?

Hi all,
I have had (what I consider) an odd request. The installation I’m working on
now is an office on a multi-floor building. They ‘re looking for some kind
of solution with the phone system to provide door control. We are a
non-profit so of course I’m looking for something VERY inexpensive.

I’m sure /someone/ has done something like this. I’d appreciate any ideas.

Cassius Smith

Maybe a little OT??— Obtaining DIDs in Hyderabad, India

I originally thought I should post to the biz list but I am not looking
for offers of DID’s, I am looking for actual user
experiences/information on obtaining a DID for an Office I am working
with in Hyderabad, India.
Can anyone offer recommendations based on personal experience of where I
might be able to obtain said DID? This will be 90% inbound traffic and
only within India.
If anyone feels strongly that I should have indeed posted this to the
biz list, please accept my apologies but, I felt I would get more
pertinent info here. Based on this info I can then go to the biz list
and ask for offers or straight to the discussed provider.
Thank You,

Volume on meetme recording

It’s kind of low for me. How does one control that volume?