Door Contacts via Asterisk?


Hi all,
I have had (what I consider) an odd request. The installation I'm working on
now is an office on a multi-floor building. They 're looking for some kind
of solution with the phone system to provide door control. We are a
non-profit so of course I'm looking for something VERY inexpensive. I'm sure /someone/ has done something like this. I'd appreciate any ideas. Cassius Smith

Asterisk Users 4.7 years ago 11 Answer

Maybe a little OT??--- Obtaining DIDs in Hyderabad, India


I originally thought I should post to the biz list but I am not looking
for offers of DID's, I am looking for actual user
experiences/information on obtaining a DID for an Office I am working
with in Hyderabad, India.
Can anyone offer recommendations based on personal experience of where I
might be able to obtain said DID? This will be 90% inbound traffic and
only within India.
If anyone feels strongly that I should have indeed posted this to the
biz list, please accept my apologies but, I felt…

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