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I upgraded from a perfectly working 1.6.2 asterisk installation
(including fax via app_fax_digium) to 1.8.0 this evening.

All my custom modules (including swift ) are working
fine except for fax.

When a caller connects, asterisk switches to the fax context and hangs
up the call.

i’ve captured with:
core set verbose 10
core set debug 10
fax set debug on
sip set debug peer vgw1

(vgw1 is my cisco 1760 ata)

I’ve tried using the packaged app_fax_spandsp and also Digium’s
app_fax_digum for 1.8.0-rc1 — no difference in behavior.

Anyone have any ideas how I can get this fixed?

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  • I was wrong, asterisk does not even switch to the fax extension-

    i added a noop, and it’s not making it:

    exten => fax,1,NoOp( in fax extension )
    exten => fax,n,Goto(fax,rx,1)

    the call ends before the noop.

  • This does sound like something that should stay on Asterisk-users.

    On Sat, Nov 13, 2010 at 3:36 AM, Jeremy Kister
    So you made sure to remove the module that was there from 1.6.2?
    Tried cleaning out the modules directory then installing just the 1.8
    modules to be safe?

    Have you tried doing tests where you send all calls straight into ReceiveFax
    and disable faxdetect? That may help track down where the problem is at
    least. You can put a noop before the call to receivefax if you’d like, but
    keep it simple and don’t do anything else for this part of the test.

    If you’ve got a paid for Fax license (as opposed to Free Fax) then you can
    also contact Digium Support.

  • yes, res_fax is gone, and i tgz’d my modules directory, moved it aside
    and re-installed.

    to be clear, as updated, the problem lies before going to the fax extension.

    straight to ReceiveFax works, with faxdetect on & off.

    but if i just let the transfer via CNG tone happen and:
    exten => fax,1,NoOp( in fax extension )
    exten => fax,n,Goto(fax,rx,1)

    the call exits before the noop is printed.

    The SIP trace shows Asterisk sending a BYE, but the
    X-Asterisk-Hangupcause is ‘unknown’