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Hello Group,

I have been going through all the chit-chat about TTS and the various
engines available to integrate with Asterisk incl. flite/festival, espeak,
Nuance etc but I am wondering if anyone’s tried any or all of these to
compile on a Sparc based Solaris platform? If not, then what is the best way
for me to accomplish a production environment TTS service when most of my
servers or the core of the servers are Sparc based Solaris platforms. I
found a group that seems to have done a fair bit of work on compiling
Asterisk on Solaris, but I’m wondering if it’ll be possible for me to have
my core platform running Asterisk on Sparc Solaris and a set of Linux
servers serving as a TTS “cluster” to which the calls can be thrown to for
processing and then have them be played back to the user.

Any ideas/advice?


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  • No, I want to use Solaris 10 on the Sparc platform. I’ve read a lot of
    reports and tests/benchmarks conducted that sow Solaris 10 actually
    performing better than all other Linux based Distros…not sure if that’s
    been the experience of others in the group.

    I really want to know if someone has a high performance TTS based service
    running in a production environment. What product are they using as their
    core engine, does it handle and has available many different languages and
    can one build these independently of the telephony platform being used so I
    could use maybe Asterisk running on Solaris 10 and a cluster/farm of TTS
    servers for TTS processing.


  • I use Nuance, festival, Ibm tts and Loquendo.

    Now in your case, i suggest use tts on the recommend tts
    environment. Solaris is not standart system for tts products. Then you
    can plug tts system into asterisk platform.

    I use Debian for sparc and work excelent!! don’t discard this option
    may be an good choice.


  • Hi Luis,

    Thanks for your comments. How / Why are you using that many TTS products? Do
    you have a preference of one over the other?

    Also, do you have any documentation / install/configuration notes that you
    might be willing to share re: your experience with Debian on Sparc and the
    TTS configuration you have. I agree with you. I will use TTS in its own
    native environment and have Asterisk talk to it using UniMRCP or something
    but I need a lot of help.

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

  • Well,

    I use many tts products because i work with diferents telphone
    systems. Now for asterisk the best way for free is Festival and noon
    free is Loquendo.

    I’m not have notes to install debian on Sparc, i just only use debian
    readme 🙂 It’s too easy, debian work for you…. 😀

    Just download sparc image, burn it and install.


  • Sure, no worries. Will try that. What about advice on TTS setup. Would you
    have any notes on how best to setup high-volume TTS environment, like maybe
    a cluster of TTS servers and how Asterisk talks to those? Recommendations on
    how to set that up? I’m thinking about trying Festival/FLite and maybe
    Cepstral? How expensive is Loquendo?