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All i have one issue regarding caller id, once i received a call from my SIP
provider it always set caller id with append 1 into
original callerID if a call from USA then there is no problem , but if i
receive a call from other country like INDIA i have also
found callerID part as 191XXXX which is wrong

as from provider says that you should support E.164 ?? is that true that we
do enable E.164 as per reading from some
forums and after goggling i think that this would be a part from provider ,
they should send me call with correct callerID and
should not append 1 as prefix.

the meaning for posting this question is what is E.164 ?? and if i want to
do this then how should i start to enable this
on asterisk

give me some tips,tricks regarding issue.

hope for good help !!!