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Hello list,

I’m having some issues with some phones that don’t stop ringing after
the call is answered somewhere else.

Basically, a call comes, enters a queue and all the phones in the queue
ring. The problem is that when the call is answered, some phones don’t
stop ringing.

I don’t know if it is a configuration file, but I don’t think so.

queues.conf, sip.conf and extensions.conf:

I’ve also captured a moment when this occurred:

The green one is the one that didn’t stop ringing. The phone sends the
first “180 Ringing” _after_ the call is answered.

This can be a network issue or a buggy firmware on the phones, but
either way, shouldn’t Asterisk send a CANCEL to an INVITE even if the
phone didn’t send “180 Ringing”?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Paulo Santos