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I am using asterisk ,and trying to do cdr billing.But the
problem is when I do transfers,callforward,callparking cdr records are
not proper.Below is example

‘A’ called pstn number and ‘A’ transfer the call to ‘B’,In this
case cdr is genrating as

1 . caller – A ,Callee – PSTN ,uniqueid=923479129.234

2. Caller -A , Callee -C uniqueid = 939389037.343

There is no link between these 2 records,and I need to generating bill
to user A for PSTN call using both records . how do I link these two
records? .Same type of records are creating when we do forward,call
parking , Anyone have a solution on this. And anyone knows how to use
accoutcode and amaflags to solve this problem.