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Is there a way running Trixbox Pro and Aastra 6731i phones to display the
name of the extension you are trying to dial?

For example, I want to dial John Smith at x4000, I pick up my phone, dial
x4000 and it displays John Smith?


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  • This can be done using the directory on the Aastra phone. Not sure what
    you have access to with Trixbox Pro. Look in the Aastra documentation
    for info on setting up the directory.csv file.

  • I was told by my PBX supplying company that an Aastra phone (55i) joined to an Asterisk 1.6 installation is no longer able to show the name of the user that I am calling. Hope somebody can verify this for me. So it’s the same as Jose described but for Asterisk 1.6. Before the upgrade to 1.6 it worked perfectly.