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Hey, all. I’m in the middle of a rollout, and just learned that the
SoundPoint IP 430 — my favorite mid-range phone — has been discontinued.
The heir apparent is the SoundPoint IP 450 — for a low, low, low $130
more/handset. AND it doesn’t look as nice.


Does anyone have any recommendations — Polycom or otherwise — for a
good-quality, mid-range, two-line SIP phone (with good speakerphone) for
~$150/ea.? I realize that there are still some 430’s to be had, but they
won’t be around forever, and now might be the right time for me to be
moving forward.



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  • I have a 450 and it’s got to be one of my favorite poly’s. Great phone. But if you only want 2 line, go for the 3xx series.

  • Yep. I love my IP650….really like the IP550…..have a bunch of users
    with IP450s…but simply won’t subject our staff to the IP335.

    I regretted buying a bunch of refurb’d IP430s a while back.

    The larger display and added buttons are worth the price, IHMO.

    The memory of the bargain fades all too quickly. The sense that the
    phone is either cheap or annoying sticks with you forever.

    Life’s just too short to use a cheap phone.


  • I really like my 450 (again). I had used the 650 and the 550… but the 450 covered everything I needed and has a special place as my first HD phone 😉

    Curious Michael… Why won’t you subject people to the 335’s? I love these phones for a call center deployment. The are a fantastic agent phone… let alone a great phone for kitchens, break rooms, lobby, etc. But I love them as an agent phone. Deploying them a few hundred at a time is great, and rarely hear a complaint.

  • I’m not engaged in such activities. My users are more akin to
    executives. They want the bigger display and easier access to features.
    The IP335s sounds great, it’s just the GUI that leaves them wanting
    more. As you suggest, in lesser roles…like the coffee room or
    lobby…they’re perfectly suitable.


  • Gotcha… thanks. The display sucks for execs. Sound is amazing though…
    and is just a little work horse.